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Why Am I Craving Salt?

Late night salty snacks are my downfall! But in my defence, salt has a highly …

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How Much Exercise Should You Do Each Day?

Like anything in life – we are not into harsh restrictions. Therefore, it is no …

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Stick to your Fitness and Weight loss Goals: 6 Easy Action Steps

Let’s get straight to the point. There are no shortcuts to achieving your fitness and …

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10 Best Foods for Weight Loss

Spoiler alert – there is NO one food (or food group) that will MAKE you …

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Mindfulness, Hypocrisy and Burnout

Today’s blog is a bit more personal. Some thoughts, realizations, and advice from the Active8me …

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Daily Energy

So, it’s not even lunchtime on Monday and you’re already craving a restful weekend. Or, …

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10 Simple Ways to Have a Healthy Vacation

The countdown is on for your vacation. You’ve been eating well, exercising regularly and generally …

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13 Quick Fixes to Snap You Out of Your Bad Mood

Whether you woke on the wrong side of bed or everyone is just rubbing you …

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Know your Breads – Get the Doughy Truth on Which Bread is Best

Ok, hands up who is a little too obsessed with kaya toast for breakfast? Or …

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The Common Fitness Trend that Ruins Your Fitness

Let’s get serious, have you even done a workout if you can still move afterwards? …

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6 Ways to Crush the Negativity Around Your Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever noticed when you make a major change in your life that everyone …

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Nutrition Myth buster: Active8me Community Shares Worst Nutrition Advice Ever

Imagine if you were told that you should only ever eat chocolate and drink coffee …

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