Core Programs

Starting with an initial 12 Week Transformation program, these core programs are designed to continue on so you can build upon the great habits you have started and sustain the changes you have already seen in your initial 12 Week Transformation program.
These programs are all about embracing healthy, active living for life – and for your life!

For anyone looking to lose weight and keep it off . These programs are for all levels of experience and will help you get fitter, stronger and more flexible at the same time.
For anyone who wants to focus on their overall fitness and health. Getting fitter, improving your energy, increasing your lean muscle definition. These programs suit all levels – whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned exerciser. This is not a weight loss program and will look to maintain members current weight.
For anyone who is at risk of diabetes, is pre-diabetic or is a Type II Diabetic. Helping you lose weight, eat better, make change and ultimately lower your risk of disease. We surround you with the right tools, technology and support during your journey so you can make small changes that make a big impact and lead towards lasting health.

Special One-off Programs

These special one-off shorter programs will help get you started or help you achieve a specific goal.
You get the full access of Pro for the period of the program you have purchased.
At the conclusion of the short program, if you wish, you can then choose another Active8me program to continue with.

Whether you’re building your running confidence, are training for a specific event, or want to get in shape and improve your cardiovascular fitness and overall health, the Active8me Running program is for you. This program will help you lose weight, improve your heart and lung circulation, develop muscle tone, build stamina and have you ready for running 10kms.
Running 10k
Whether you’re training for a specific half-marathon event or wanting to build up your running fitness, this program will get you ready. Recommended for those who can run 10kms or 60 minutes without stopping.
Running 21k
Are you a seasoned runner and tackling a marathon? If you want a program to help you achieve this goal or to improve your performance, then this program is for you. We recommend that you’ve completed a half-marathon (21km) first, as the program builds from this distance.
Running 42k
A 3 week program to kickstart your fitness and health journey. Get moving, eat better, empower your thinking and start to develop some healthier habits. This program will help you experience a fitter and healthier you in just 21 days.
Kickstarter Express
Lose that baby weight, get back into shape, and regain your pre baby body safely and successfully
Are you ready and prepared for the world's largest fun run? Whether you're a serious runner or out for an adventure and experience, get race ready for this tough 14km course that Runner’s World lists in their 20 Races To Do Before You Die.
City2Surf - 14km