Do You Want to Learn the Secret to Change? Some Powerful Truths from An Olympian


You want change? Well, it’s simple then. Just change. Hmmm, it isn’t that easy, is it? The good news though is that whilst making change isn’t easy, here is some advice from two-time Olympian and Active8me founder on how you can make the change you want.

There are three things you really need to think about for change to occur – your desire, your intention and your persistence. Let’s look at each of these in turn and give you some tips and techniques that you can apply to really make change stick.

Change starts with your thinking 

Jeremy pulls no punches when it comes to being honest with your thoughts and feelings “Your current behaviour is there for a reason, or you wouldn’t be doing it. Hard to swallow, but true. It’s about needs and behaviour. Perhaps you have a need for nurturing and feeling good about yourself, but your behaviour is overeating. In this instance, instead of overeating you could nurture and feel good about yourself with some exercise and a massage.” You also need to have the belief that you can change. Tap into the excuses you give yourself and make a rational argument against them.

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You need a compelling vision 

Elite athletes are often striving for hundredths of a second improvements as that can mean the difference between a gold medal or no reward at all. So how are they able to continue working so hard towards such a finite goal? The answer is they have a very clear, compelling vision propelling them forwards. They have that compelling vision of standing atop the dais with a medal, feeling proud, knowing their effort and challenging workouts were worth it. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, your desire for a toned body originates from the same place as that Olympian!

If you don’t have a compelling vision you will inevitably give up when you face disappointments or obstacles or when the motivation wanes. Jeremy explains “We are only prepared to change when the pleasure we get from the change is more than the pain of staying in our current position. If having a toned body is what you want, then you must keep that vision of your body transformation uppermost in your mind. Focus on how great you will look, how a toned body will make you feel and the self-worth you will gather from achieving it. What do you want and why do you care? You need a very clear and compelling vision to drive you forward. Just like an Olympian or adventurer or entrepreneur.”

Intention –  You’ve cracked the code on desire, now it’s time to put wanting that toned body transformation into action.

Take Responsibility 

One of the biggest hurdles we find with anyone trying to achieve a body transformation is expecting that it will ‘just happen’. They want it now; want it to be easy; don’t want to commit. And, they don’t want to put much effort in. Well, unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. At Active8me, we have created all the tools for you. We’ve sweated to create fun, short and effective workouts for you. We’ve laboured in the kitchen to come up with quick, easy and delicious meal plans for you. And we’ve poured loads of knowledge into mindset lessons for you – BUT we can’t do it for you!

Unfortunately, desire only takes you so far. Jeremy notes “If you want a body transformation you have to accept that you are responsible for the excuses you tell yourself, for the actions you take (or don’t take), for the decisions you have made and for the self-sabotaging habits you have formed.” He adds “I promise, once you take responsibility for where you are at, you will clear the way for change and be on the path to achieving what you want to achieve.”

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Change your environment and be prepared for challenging moments 

If you’ve taken responsibility for where you’re at and why you are there then you would have realised that there are certain triggers that surround you on a daily basis that are sabotaging you from reaching your goal of a toned body transformation.

To completely remove barriers and obstacles may seem daunting but it needn’t be, as Jeremy explains “Our environments have such a big impact on our actions. If you change your environment in small ways then your actions change as well. It could be simply removing cookies from your cupboard, taking your lunch to work instead of eating out, going to bed 30 minutes earlier so you can get up for an early workout. It’s inevitable that you will have challenging moments. That’s real life. The key is being prepared in advance with a reasonable or enjoyable solution. If you’re prepared for these inevitable moments and have a strategy then it is much easier to navigate them successfully and keep moving, powering ahead strongly toward your goal.”

Persistence – It’s all about following through and working at change to achieve the body transformation

Start small

Most Olympians make improvements and achieve their goals because they work consistently and with persistence. They didn’t start as elite athletes – it took many small steps, over time, that added up to success. It is no different for you, says Jeremy, “if you want to achieve the toned body you have always dreamed of, or any type of body transformation for that matter, then don’t expect perfection straight away – change is a work in progress. Start by making micro changes that are so easy to achieve, you just can’t say no. By having small wins over and over, you nudge your behaviour towards change that will lead to lasting success. Small changes add up. Like building a house one brick at a time.

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Don’t do it alone 

Research suggests that support is a critical factor in any weight loss program. Very rarely does an athlete succeed without a community of support championing their efforts. Jeremy acknowledges “Change is easier when you do it with others. I always had training partners, coaches and experts guiding and advising me during Olympic preparations. They kept me committed and accountable to the changes I needed to make to succeed. No matter what your goal, you should do the same – get good support around you, so you’re not doing it alone.” Active8me offers the exact elements that Jeremy describes as well as the benefit of an online community to support you through your toned body transformation goals!

Change isn’t easy; you are literally re-wiring the circuits in your brain to create new habits. But MAKING GREAT CHANGE IS POSSIBLE . We hope that you feel it is a little less daunting and more attainable with this practical advice above.  It may not be the quick fix you want it to be. But, you can absolutely make lasting changes that pave the foundation for your success and incredible future. Good luck!
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