5 Excuses That No Longer Work for Skipping Breakfast


Skipping breakfast has become a common habit in our fast paced, ‘never enough time’ lives, but what consequences is this having on your health? Study after study suggest that breakfast eaters tend to have healthier habits. So, we are here to stage a ‘skipping breakfast’ intervention. If you want to see body transformation; to lose weight and look lean and toned; plus feel energised and experience the health benefits of NOT skipping breakfast, then it is time to throw the excuses out the window and get on your breakfast eating way!  Here are 5 of the most common excuses we hear and why they’re not serving you well.

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1. You believe skipping breakfast is saving calories

It makes logical sense that if you are skipping breakfast that you will reduce your overall calories consumed throughout the day which will result in weight loss. While this should theoretically work, and is often the basis of intermittent fasting diets, there are some inherent issues with sustaining this type of lifestyle.

Jaclyn Reutens, Active8me expert and Aptima Sports Nutrition and Consultants dietician explains “After an overnight fast, your body is depleted of energy and your metabolism is at an all-time low. When your body repeatedly goes through a time frame where it doesn’t receive calories, it goes into a prolonged fasting state. Then when lunch time finally comes around, your body hangs on to whatever calories you have consumed, turning it into fat to prepare for the next time you’re skipping breakfast.” She adds “For that reason, numerous studies show that breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than those who are skipping breakfast.”

2. Skipping breakfast because you lack the time

This is probably one of the most common excuses we hear! And, we do understand how ‘busy’ life is. Making time for an early morning workout and a healthy breakfast is not always easy. But let’s get real. Do you really think that those few extra minutes you gain by skipping breakfast makes a difference to the rest of you day? Don’t rip yourself off by missing out on a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Make and take the time to have a healthy breakfast that will then fuel you for the rest of the morning, making you more focused and productive. A simple solution to this is to portion and prepare all of your working week breakfasts on Sunday evening. These funky ‘breakfast in a jar’ preps just need a dollop of low fat yoghurt or milk and you’re ready to munch away in less than a minute!

Active8me 5 Excuses That No Longer Work for Skipping Breakfast Mason jar oatmeal recipes

3. Skipping breakfast because coffee is your substitute

The steaming aroma of freshly ground coffee beans can be the achilles heel of even the staunchest health nut. Jaclyn suggests that “It’s okay to have coffee with your breakfast, but drinking only coffee for breakfast will not start your day off right. While you may be temporarily energetic, you will inevitably crash within a couple of hours of drinking coffee for breakfast and wind up famished for lunch.” This often leads to over-eating. And, if you do indulge in a coffee, remember moderation is key and steer clear of creamy, sugary coffee hits. As a healthier suggestion, you could always try replacing your coffee at breakfast with a turmeric latte, which has added benefits for youthful looks too!

4. Skipping breakfast because of lack of food choices

Many people opt for the same breakfast every morning. Which is super easy and fine, if it’s healthy. But let’s face it – that can be boring! So, don’t let a lack of choices be your excuse as there are plenty of options for healthy breakfasts, like those showcased in the Active8me’s app. Your imagination is the only thing limiting you. And to make life simple and convenient, try some of Jaclyn’s suggestions for quick (less than 5 min) breakfasts from the clip below. Plus, don’t forget – it’s not just how much you eat, but what you eat too. Jaclyn Reutens says “It’s worth noting that most studies linking breakfast to weight control and weight loss looked at a healthy breakfast containing protein and whole grains, not ones loaded with fat and calories.”

5. Skipping breakfast because of lack of appetite

You may be lacking appetite (and consequently skipping breakfast) because of overeating or late-night snacking prior to bed. But the habit of skipping breakfast can wreak havoc with your appetite later in the day. Jaclyn explains “Typically, hunger gets the best of you when you’re skipping breakfast and you eat more at lunch and munch more throughout the day. Instead, by eating a healthy breakfast you reduce hunger throughout the day, and therefore help you to make better food choices at other meals.”

Eating breakfast doesn’t have to be the first thing you do when you wake. If it is a lack of appetite that is holding you back from nourishing your body with a healthy breakfast, just listen to your hunger signals and ease back into the habit of eating breakfast by having something quick and easy to make and digest. As a suggestion, why not sip slowly on a blueberry and chia smoothie from the Active8me app breakfast recipes?

Blueberry Cinnamon Smoothie

Skipping breakfast has essentially become a bad habit as a result of busy, hectic lives. And importantly it isn’t helping you. Replace your excuses for skipping breakfast with the healthy habit of nourishing your body and ‘breaking-the-overnight fast’. It makes health sense and body transformation sense.

The Active8me app offers a range of easy, nutritionally balanced breakfast recipes that are easy to prepare or buy. Download the app today for a FREE 21 Day trial to sample a diverse range of breakfast recipe options.

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