5 Powerful Mindset Tips for Healthy Lifestyle Habits

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You’ve decided it’s time for a change. Perhaps you want to lose weight, maybe you want to feel fit, confident and strong, or perhaps you just want to experience the buzz from those healthy lifestyle habits you see all over Instagram. But, where do you start? And, why is it so hard to start? The answer is simple – you start with your MINDSET.  In this blog let’s explore the power of mindset and give you some tools to build better healthy lifestyle habits.

Where do you start with healthy lifestyle habits?

Your mind and body are intrinsically linked. Jeremy Rolleston, Olympian and founder of Active8me explains “Your actions are affected by the thoughts you have, and the things you tell yourself.  So, if you want to transform yourself, you’ve got to deal with your thoughts, your excuses, your beliefs and your self-sabotaging paradigms. That’s your mindset. If you change your thinking, your body will follow. That’s why at Active8me we talk about … Exercise. Nourish. Think. Transform.”

So then…

Why is it not easy to start?

Jeremy points out “You get wired to certain patterns of behaviour, and your brain gets stuck in a groove (neural pathways) that takes concerted, conscious and consistent effort to change. Plus, whether you know it or not, your current behaviour is serving you for a reason (for better or for worse). This is why change isn’t easy and why it is so important to deal with the underlying reasons for your behaviour if you want to make lasting change. The good news is that change is possible. We know this anecdotally, but recent research around the neuro-plasticity of the brain proves this.”

In the clip below Jeremy gives a fitting example of how the behaviour of overeating is associated with your thoughts.

Your thoughts affect your emotions and expectations. They influence your behaviour. Therefore, your behaviour and actions, of course, affect outcomes. If you can harness your mindset so it empowers you, rather than holds you back, then you will see the change you want. It starts with your mindset.

5 Action steps for creating a powerful, empowering mindset to help you create healthy habits

1. One brick at a time 

Healthy lifestyle habits are created over time. Just as your unhealthy habits are compounded over your life, it will take some time to build good habits. This starts with one small change that gradually builds over time, forming a great habit that serves you well. When you adopt the growth mindset of ‘small changes add up’ and ‘healthy habits are built one brick at a time’ you enjoy a long term constructive view where you’re less likely to be derailed by short term disappointments or poor decisions.

Today tryexchanging a high calorie, processed snack with a nutritious one. There are loads of delicious choices in the Active8me app.

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2. Take Responsibility 

It’s your mind, your thoughts, your excuses and no one else’s! Recognise that your thoughts create and control your behaviours, so the only person who can change them is YOU.

Today trysigning up for the Active8me free 21 Day Trial.

3. Know your compelling vision

What you focus on is what you get. Have a little movie reel playing in your head of the body you want, the confidence you want, the energy you want, the self-pride you want, the health you want, the success you want, the life you want. Fill your mind with positive talk and empowering images instead of that little negative voice that tends to rule your mind with its fears, doubts and limiting negative talk.

Today try… this healthy lifestyle habit from the Active8me ‘Story of Your Life’ mindset lesson.

4. Don’t do it alone 

Support in any transformation is CRITICAL. So, surround yourself with like-minded people, whether they be ‘real life’ or online (like the Active8me community). Support, encourage and motivate each other to help you foster a great mindset and create healthy active lifestyle habits.

Today try…connecting with one person who has healthy lifestyle habits you admire.

5. Just do it 

Take action right now. Your future is determined by the decisions YOU will make today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Remember, a powerful mindset focuses on what it can do, not on what it can’t. That means ‘doing’ and that starts with one small step.

Today try…ramping up your daily activities to burn bonus calories.

Active8me 5 Powerful Mindset tips for Healthy Lifestyle Habit woman doing push ups

Your mindset is the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal to lose weight, to achieve a toned body, to look great, to feel confident and to build lasting healthy lifestyle habits. It won’t always be easy to control your mindset, but it can be done. You have the choice to be your minds master or slave. What will you choose?

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