Your Secret Weapon to Losing Weight and Looking Hot!

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There are so many myths and misconceptions around the best way to get that lean, toned body that so many desire. It seems to be one of the most common questions we get asked at Active8me. When we advise that ‘weight training’ is an integral part of achieving the lean, toned, fit look many people shriek in surprise and conjure an image of a bulky, masculine woman striking a body building pose. This could not be further from the truth. To demystify this idea, let us explain this like a scientific procedure. There is the aim, the method and the result. Take it step by step and learn why doing weights, resistance or strength training is important in achieving your goal.


Your aim is to look HOT! At Active8me we equip you with the knowledge, the programs and the inspiration to help you experience the transformation you want to see and to reach your fitness and health goals. Our ultimate aim is to give you a convenient way to living an active and healthy lifestyle that results in you not only looking your best but feeling great too, for life!


1. Your body is created in the kitchen. 80% of how you look is based on what you eat. Active8me has that covered with expertly designed meal plans and advice at your fingertips. You can trial this for yourself with the FREE 21- day program.

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2. The other 20% of how you look is about the exercise you do. You can’t exercise your way around a bad diet, so if this is you, go back to step 1 and learn about the best foods to fuel your body with.

3. There are 6 pillars of exercise that Active8me experts have crafted, from years of experience and testing (including Olympic preparation). They incorporate a balance of exercises that have the greatest overall impact and effectiveness for weight loss, fitness, toning, strength and flexibility.

4. There is a difference between losing weight and losing fat. Your aim is to look good and this comes from (amongst other things) being lean and toned. This means you need to concentrate on burning fat and maintaining/increasing your lean muscle (read on). Focusing on only reducing the number on the scales, often means you see a loss of water and muscle. This leaves you weighing less but still flabby, or ‘skinny fat’.

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5. A crucial step in burning fat and maintaining or increasing your lean muscle (and of course, the ‘looking hot’ procedure) is: You need to do weights! Firstly, let’s clarify what weights won’t do, before explaining why they are your best friend when it comes to weight loss and improving the look of your body.

× Weights WILL NOT make you ‘big and bulky’ – Women do not naturally have the required amount of testosterone to get that body builder look. This comes from
heavy lifting and focused, intense weight sessions

× Weights doesn’t mean ‘bodybuilding’, nor does it mean you have to go to the gym and lift really heavy weights. Weights, simply means resistance training or strength
based exercises. If it is helpful, think of it in these more general terms. Therefore, resistance training and strength based exercises can be done without needing to be
in the gym.

× Weights sessions don’t have to be hard core. Many of the Active8me strength training sessions rely on resistance training utilising small weights.

See a sneak peak of a fun Active8me weight training workout.

Simply, you need more muscle and less fat for that lean, toned look (read: HOT!). To do this, you build your lean body mass by doing ‘weights’ (also known as resistance or strength training).

By incorporating weights workouts in combination with following a balanced, calorie controlled intake of food, like those provided in the Active8me meal plans, you will lose body fat.

Muscle tissue is more metabolically active, meaning it requires more energy (calories) to function than the lazy old fat tissue. The more muscle you add, the more ‘bonus’ calories will be burned.

✓ Muscle might weigh more than fat on the scales but it occupies less space, so you look better.

Active8me Your Secret Weapon to Losing Weight and Looking Hot Gained weight but looks thinner


You look HOT! You look toned. You look lean. You look ripped. You look fit.

Ok, let’s get real. It will take motivation, discipline and commitment to get results. But it will certainly be worth it.

Active8me wants to see you thrive and succeed; to see transformation; to be healthy, happy, confident; and of course for you to own being HOT!  Take this knowledge and apply it now! We’re here to help you do just that.

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