Need Some Motivation? 12 Great Tips From an Olympian


Are you desperately trying to get motivated right now? Perhaps you’re feeling lazy? Do you find it hard to get energized and get going? Do have great intentions, but the next step of turning that into action or keeping motivated is always where you fall down? Even the most motivated people – myself when I was training for the Olympics; Tony Robbins; or perhaps yourself – can feel unmotivated at times. So, here are 12 great tips to help you get motivated:

1. Get motivated with a compelling vision

Get clear on the vision of what you want to achieve. What does it look like when you’ve achieved it? How do you feel? What do you look like? What are you telling yourself? Are you worried about what other people saying about you? When you get clear on your vision it will inspire, excite and motivate you.

2. Get motivated with knowing your why

You might have a compelling vision of what you want, but WHY do you want that thing / goal / dream? This point is rooted in psychology which we talk about more in our programs, but you should know that real motivation comes from discovering the deep reason for why you want to achieve or be or do. It makes a big difference. In fact, you will find that all successful people know their why. So why do you want it? What will you get from it? How will you feel about yourself? What will it mean to achieve your dream? When you are clear on ‘why’ you’re doing something, then the ‘hows’ become clearer and become simply a means of making the ‘why’ come to pass.

3. Get motivated by setting goals along the way

If your vision is the big city you want to get to at the end of your journey, then your goals are the towns you need to pass through to know you’re heading the right way and to know that you are en-route to getting to the big city (your compelling vision and big goal). We’ve all heard about how important goal setting is (even if many people still don’t do it). What you may not realise, however, is how motivating it is when you go through each ‘town’. When you achieve each little milestone/goal it gives you added momentum. You build on these small successes and it gives you motivation.

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4. Get motivated by making your goals public

Post your goal on social media. Share it with others. Put your goal on your wall / fridge / computer for others to see. When you commit to something publicly, it is surprising how not wanting to look foolish in front of others can motivate you. Plus others can keep you accountable to your goal.

5. Get motivated by using rewards

Rewards are a great secondary leverage. They’re not what drives you towards the goal, but they’re the ‘icing on the cake’ and that extra bit of incentive and enjoyment. So give yourself something to work towards as well as just achieving the goal itself. Will it be a holiday? A night out? Will you buy yourself a new dress? A special dinner? Or a remote controlled car like one of my fellow Olympians! Find a reward that will give you that added bit of motivation.

6. Get motivated with support

You don’t need to accomplish your goal alone. Use some support. For example, exercise with friends. Some days you need other people’s motivation to get you going when yours is lacking. Read more in the guide below about how support is a CRITICAL factor in weight loss.


7. Get motivated by starting small

Here’s a saying I often use. Think big (compelling vision), act small (just do it). Don’t set unrealistic goals that are overwhelming and which can actually be un-motivating. Instead commit to doing a small act, then another small act, then another one. You watch – those small acts, which you actually do, will grow and they’ll motivate you on to the next one as you actually do what you set out to do. Motivation can come in small pieces!

8. Get motivating by thinking about the benefits not the difficulties

Don’t think about how hard something is. Instead think about why it will be worth it. For example, replace thinking about how tiring exercise is, with imagining how good you will feel afterwards and how much healthier and slimmer you will be over the long run. Think about how proud you’ll be of yourself, how good you’ll look, how much more confidence you will have and so on.

9. Get motivated by making it one brick at a time

Motivation is not a constant thing – it ebbs and flows. Some days you just wont feel motivated. (I would say in my own life I feel motivated only 50% of the time. The other 50% is pure habit, discipline and reminding myself that it will be worth it at the end). If you can appreciate this and commit to just keeping on going, then it will help disappointment and other obstacles from derailing you. Picture yourself paving the road towards your goal/dream just one brick at a time / one act a time / one day at a time. Then all you need is to find motivation for that next brick – just one brick at a time. That’s achievable and that’s motivating.

10. Get motivated by involving your causes

Attach your exercise or your goal to a good cause as then your strong feelings will have a multiplier effect which is very motivating. For example, imagine if you said “for every planned workout I miss I need to pay $10 to my chosen charity”. For most of us ‘losing’ $10 to someone else or something else feels like losing $20 or $30. It will motivate you to do it (eg workout) in the first place. And if aren’t able to for some reason – well, you’ve done a good deed anyway which is still a good outcome!

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11. Get motivated by investing in some new workout gear

This sounds strange, but new workout gear is motivating. It reinforces your identity as an exercise, that this is part of your life, and it makes you want to get into things more. And another tip – make sure you leave your clothes and equipment around the house as a good reminder and visual cue to your brain that this is a priority now amidst all your other competing priorities like work, family, chores etc.

12. Get motivated by joining Active8me

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