Stick to your Fitness and Weight loss Goals: 6 Easy Action Steps


Let’s get straight to the point. There are no shortcuts to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. Sure, you can do a dangerous diet to drop weight quickly, but you’ll find that weight (and more) just as fast as you lost it. You can hit the gym hard every few weeks, but that isn’t going to get you fit. We have 6 action steps for you to successfully stay on track to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.

1. Don’t rely on motivation

Most people think motivation mysteriously hits us and we spring into action. The opposite is true – motivation comes from action. So, don’t wait, simply start.

Keep in mind, most of the Active8me workouts are no longer than 30 minutes. It’s not so much about ‘finding’ the motivation, it’s more about being disciplined with your time. You’ll feel fantastic for ‘making’ the time to exercise, whether you’re motivated or not.

Try today…schedule your workouts for the week. Include a bonus workout so if you miss one, you’re covered.

2. Consistency beats big change

Healthy lifestyle habits are created over time. Just as your unhealthy habits are compounded over your life, it will take some time to build good habits. This starts with one small change that gradually builds over time, forming a great habit that serves you well. When you adopt the growth mindset of ‘small changes add up’ and ‘healthy habits are built one brick at a time’ you enjoy a long-term constructive view where you’re less likely to be derailed by short term disappointments or poor decisions. Don’t forget that a small setback isn’t the end of the world – just start again!

Today try…exchanging a high calorie, processed snack with a nutritious one. There are loads of delicious choices in the Active8me app.

3. Know your purpose

If you’ve set fitness and weight loss goals because you feel you ‘should’ (external pressures) then your motivation and success will be limited. You have to ‘want’ (internal needs) to achieve change or improvement. A clear sense of purpose allows you to focus your intentions, guiding you to where you want to be despite obstacles or challenges.

Try today…write down your ‘why’ for wanting better fitness or to lose weight and put it in a place where you see it regularly. Using it as the screensaver on your phone is a sure-fire reminder.

4. Don’t compare

Your fitness or weight loss journey is unique to you. Everyone progresses at a different rate. Comparing yourself is a trap that feeds negative beliefs of achievement and success. Often the comparisons you make are not with what’s real, rather what others want you to see and believe. Think about it, who is ever going to put all the crappy parts of their life on Instagram? The important thing is to remain consistent, be kind and patient with yourself.

Today try… celebrate your small wins! If you stayed on track with your nutrition or rocked every workout for the week, treat yourself with a massage or some new workout gear.

5. Visualise exactly what you want

What you focus on is what you get. Have a little movie reel playing in your head of the body you want, the confidence you want, the energy you want, the self-pride you want, the health you want, the success you want, the life you want. Fill your mind with positive talk and empowering images instead of that little negative voice that tends to rule your mind with its fears, doubts and limiting negative talk.

Today try… this healthy lifestyle habit from the Active8me ‘Story of Your Life’ mindset lesson.

6. Don’t do it alone

Support in any transformation is CRITICAL. So, surround yourself with like-minded people, whether they be ‘real life’ or online (like the Active8me community). Support, encourage and motivate each other to help you get moving, making nutritious meal choices and most of all to keep you accountable.

Today try…connecting with one person who has healthy lifestyle habits you admire.

Your fitness and weight loss goals in perspective

We’ve often heard “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish”. But, is there really a finish line when it comes to healthy living? These 6 action steps will not only help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals they will sustain your healthy lifestyle. Forever. Active8me’s structured programs offer you expertly designed recipes, meal plans, workouts and mindset lessons which make achieving your goals and living a healthy lifestyle so much easier. Get started today.

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