Weight Loss Pills: The Good, The Bad and The Truth


Seriously, who doesn’t want magic weight loss pills that will obliterate fat, instantly shed weight and transform your body? With claims of reduced appetite, reduced fat absorption and increased fat burning they sound a little too good to be true. But what is the truth? And we mean the hard-scientific truth, not the extraordinary transformation pictures you see on the boxes of weight loss pills or the claims in your Instagram or Facebook feed.

What science says about weight loss pills

First, let’s start by making a very important distinction. There is a difference between a weight loss pill that is a drug and a weight loss pill that is a supplement. A weight loss drug generally requires a prescription from a doctor and has been tested in clinical trials. Whilst the over-the-counter (supplement) weight loss pill has very little clinical evidence that shows scientifically significant results for weight loss. Unfortunately, a lot of advertising around weight loss pill supplements utilises their ‘government body approved’ (which is referring to safety) as a misrepresentation of effectiveness of their weight loss pill.

So, what do we make of weight loss pills and the often outrageous and unsubstantiated claims that we see and read?

Not every claim is fake. A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association looked at the legitimacy of 5 drugs prescribed as weight loss pills that were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration Board. They found that the average weight loss (in obese and overweight subjects) across a one year period was 5%. Keep in mind, that these types of weight loss pills are only prescribed if you qualify as obese. Let’s put that into realistic numbers – say you’re at 70kg and took weight loss pills for 1 year, you would lose an average of 3.5kg across the year. In contrast to a healthy diet and active living, that takes a long time and it is not much of a benefit!

There are also the possible dangers and side effects to consider.

Think diarrhea, nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue…just to name a few. 

Active8me weight loss pills the good the bad and the truth magic weight loss pill

Weight loss pills should be never considered a long-term solution. The cost, associated side effects and limited weight loss achieved just don’t compare to traditional weight loss methods of adjusting your calorie intake to be less than the energy you burn. That is, eat less, move more!

The best way to lose weight, get toned and be healthy

Our advice about weight loss pills is – don’t waste your time and money! In fact, we wish we didn’t even need to make this obvious point. One of our constant frustrations is the various fads, gimmicks and so-called magic solutions to getting fit and healthy. We understand why. We have become accustomed to living in a world of instant gratification. So, is it any wonder that we want the same instant solution to losing weight?

But, do we really believe it? Or do we just WANT to believe it. Let’s get real.

Firstly, the body doesn’t work that way. Don’t forget, you have probably spent a reasonable time ‘gaining’ weight, so it is only reasonable to expect that you will need to spend time losing weight too.

Secondly, the reality is you can’t escape the hard yards. You don’t just wake up fit. Your body doesn’t just instantly become toned. You don’t just suddenly become healthy. And if you’re being realistic, nor can you think that some miraculous pill will suddenly lead to you losing weight. The hard truth is that losing weight and getting toned is not so mysterious, magical or instantaneous.

Research published in the journal of Obesity Reviews found that people who successfully lose weight (and maintain it) have these common attributes:

  • A self-determined goal – this means you are doing it for YOU and your own reasons.
  • A physically active lifestyle – yes, making exercise part of your life not just an irregular chore.
  • Eat breakfast and regularly planned meals – Skipping meals leads to issues of overeating later in the day.
  • They worked on improving stress levels – psychological strength and stability is just as important for weight loss as nutrition and exercise.
  • Social support – you need to be accountable and have help along the way.


The same review also noted one of the biggest risk factors for those who regain weight are people who have weight cycled. This means their weight goes up and down as they attempt various short- term weight loss methods such as weight loss pills.

You can lose weight, get toned and be healthy the smart way

Active8me weight loss pills the good the bad and the truth workout nutrition smart way

Not only are weight loss pills a poor choice for weight loss (you could lose more weight over a shorter time with some effort and informed decisions), they’re not a very smart approach either. Why would you put your health at risk and spend money unnecessarily?

Be informed, become empowered and make the decision to invest in your health based on hard science. Avoid being duped by the marketing hype of weight loss pills. You need to recognise that your weight loss journey may not be easy. But, who you become and how you feel about yourself is as important as the end result.

Need we say more on this latest hype?

Join us at Active8me and we’ll show you a more affordable, safer, more effective and smarter approach than weight loss pills. We’re so confident you will enjoy the results you can even try it for a FREE 21 Day Trial.

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