7 Ways to Add Spice to Your Workout Program – Scientifically Proven


Is your workout program feeling a bit stale? Not sure how you can escape the grind of the same old exercises? Well, we have 7 scientific ways to spice up your workout program with some techniques that you may not have considered!

1.Wear some fun and funky clothes to lift your workout program to a new level

Researchers have coined the term ‘enclothed cognition’ to explain that what you wear really does have an impact on your performance. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, found that the symbolic meaning of clothing affects your behaviour, improves performance and attitude towards set tasks. So, spice up your whole workout program with some bright, fun and funky activewear and watch it brighten your mood, enhance your ability to exercise and feel great doing it!

2. Take your workout program into the great outdoors

Active8me 7 ways to add spice to your workout program scientifically proven program women working out outdoors

We know the comforts of an air-conditioned gym may be alluring (and practical for many), but you can easily spice up your workout program by sweating it out in nature. A review published in the journal of Extreme Physiology and Medicine found that exercise in the great outdoors can lower your levels of perceived exertion meaning you can go harder with your outdoor workout than an indoor activity! They also concluded that exercise in nature can reduce stress and improve mood as well as self-esteem. The joy of having a workout program in the Active8me app is you can do a variety of workouts anytime, anywhere. Change it up and the app automatically adjusts. So, grab a friend and head to the park for a natural boost to your workout program.

3. Add some cool beats to get you moving

Active8me 7 ways to add spice to your workout program scientifically proven music gets you moving

Press shuffle on your music selection or swap your playlist with a friend for a spicy surprise in your ears during your regular workout program. Research suggests that listening to high tempo music during exercise can increase your self-paced intensity without altering how hard you think you are working. Music can also alter your mood and adherence to exercise. A study published in the journal of Physiology and Behaviour found that listening to fast paced, positive vibes in between sets of high intensity interval  training (HIIT) exercises left participants feeling as though they had a more pleasant experience, compared to when they did it without music.

4. Add some zest to your water

Having water to rehydrate during a workout is essential, especially in the Asian climate! If you become dehydrated you fatigue faster, lose muscle power and ultimately your workout performance suffers. You can always spice up your workout by adding some fresh squeezed lemon wedges to your drink bottle. This will enhance the flavour (meaning you’re likely to drink more and stay hydrated) and give you the added benefit of potassium and vitamin C, without the excess sugar of commercial drinks.

5. Challenge yourself or join a group challenge as part of your workout program

Even the most non-competitive people can spice their workout program up with a little friendly competition. Competition is an easy and celebrated way to improve your motivation to workout. Research published in Preventative Medicine Reports found that competitive social relationships dramatically improved exercise participation over an 11-week period. And if you’re not into a group challenge, then aim to beat your own personal best. If you have a run scheduled, try occasionally increasing the pace, the number of hill reps or the distance you wish to complete. Or, of course, you can make it into a race! If you’re doing a HIIT workout, aim to increase the reps or resistance within your set time frame. Or, make it a challenge with a friend for who improves most! It doesn’t matter who wins as you’ll find an improvement in your workout results either way. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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6. Literally spice up your workout program by adding spice to your diet

Did you know that adding spices to your diet may help with the rigors of exercise, including reduction in inflammation and improved recovery? Researchers believe the active ingredient of curcumin in Turmeric is thought to aid in recovery and healing from strenuous exercise. This puts you in a good position to continue with your spiced-up exercise regime. If you really want to heat things up, try adding more chilli to your diet. Chilli is a good source of vitamin A and E, beta-carotene, potassium and folic acid. It is considered an adjunct to relieving muscle, joint and nerve pain. Be warned though, it’s best not to consume chilli just prior to exercise as you may over-spice your workout with flatulence, nausea or stomach cramps.

7. Change it up – try a new workout program!

Active8me 7 ways to add spice to your workout program scientifically proven program badminton new workout

The old saying ‘a change is as good as a holiday’ rings true with workouts. Add some instant spice to your workout by skipping it all together. Wait a minute… we are not saying to kick back on the couch. Instead, we’re talking about trying something new. Find a new take on the same old exercise regime or better still try a completely different workout. From badminton to surfing. Swimming to bike riding. Dancing to martial arts. This has many benefits ranging from using different muscle groups to creating new neural pathways. Importantly, it stops you from the ‘plateau’ effect that happens when your body becomes efficient at your regular exercise and burns less fuel than it used to (meaning your weight loss and fitness may be stalled). So, beat the boredom by taking a holiday from your regular workout and try something new.

So, there you have 7 scientifically proven ways to spice up your workout program. Now there are no excuses to get on with it!

Most of all, remember, at Active8me we want you to enjoy exercise! We want you to appreciate the strength, energy, tone, fitness and confidence that regularly living an active life can bring. Join us for your transformation journey and find out why we’re different and why your life may never be the same again!

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