Running Masterclass: Choosing the Right Running Shoe

Running Masterclass choosing the right running shoe

Just like you wear dress shoes for a night out or flip flops to the beach, you should have a specific shoe for running! But if the thought of standing in front of the giant wall of running shoes at the store and making a choice freaks you out a little, let us help make it a little easier for you.

There are definitely specific shoes for the types of running you do, whether it be a trail running, track running or road running shoe. And then there was the old-school method of choosing a shoe based on whether you pronate when you run or have a high arch or… you get the idea! 

With the advancing shoe technology and design you can generally choose a regular running shoe that will be suitable for you in most conditions. However, knowing a few things to look for will not only reduce that whole feeling of overwhelm but will help you buy the best shoe for YOU. 

In this video we cover:

  • Important features of specific running shoes
  • How a running shoe should fit
  • The life of your running shoe
  • Specialised shoes: trail shoes, track shoes, road shoes

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