Active8me Recipe – Dry Fishball Noodles

Active8me recipe dry fishball noodles

This staple appears in Hawkers centres and food halls across Asia and is often the go-to dish for a delicious taste of humble Singaporean food. The simple ingredients in the Active8me dry fishball noodles recipe provides a taste sensation in your mouth, with every mouthful bursting with flavour. You can replicate your favourite dish within 20 minutes and with a whole lot less calories than eating it out!

Active8me dry fishball noodles


✓  5 pcs fish balls (non-fried), blanched in boiling water till cook, drained
✓  20g beansprouts, rinsed and drained
✓  60g Bok Choy, wash and drained
✓  45g dried egg noodle (1 noodle), blanched in boiling water till soft, drained
✓  1 tsp soy sauce (lower in sodium), mix with 30ml water
✓  1 tsp sesame oil
✓  ¼ tsp chili powder


1. In a bowl, add in sesame oil, soy sauce, and chili powder and mix well.
2. Add in egg noodle into bowl and mix well with sauce.
3. Add in fish balls, bok choy, beansprouts and mix till even.
4. Garnish with cilantro, cut chilies and serve hot.

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