Because health is real wealth

Personalised, scalable, preventative health solutions are more important than ever given the chronic disease epidemic that exists today.

Active8me brings a complete preventative health solution to your existing clinical focuses.

A digital scalable preventative health & wellness solution

Exercise. Nutrition. Mindset. Tracking. Coaching. And more.

Prevention not cure

For the first time in history chronic diseases kill more people than infectous diseases (World Health Organisation). And yet a large part of this chronic disease epidemic is preventable through lifestyle. This means that providing personalised, scalable, preventative solutions today is more important than ever.

Introducing Active8me.

Delivering the other half of the solution

Bringing a preventative solution to combine with existing clinical focuses. Delivering the total solution.

The Active8me platform helped guide our members in their journey of wellness. An all-in-one offering that works. To prevent our member-partners from getting chronic lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and even heart attacks and strokes. And to help our members live their best life. I highly recommend this.

Dr Ryan Jarencio MD MBA
Maxicare (Chief Medical Officer)

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