It all starts with employee wellness

Because good employee health & wellness makes good business sense

Active8me’s platform offers employers a convenient, engaging, affordable, scalable, and effective all-in-one corporate health and wellness solution.

With multiple programs for employees to choose, that then customize to that employee, providing plans across exercise + nutrition + mindfulness + tracking.

Unlocking a more loyal engaged healthy happy productive workforce.

Unlocking a more
loyal engaged healthy happy productive

Igniting your most important asset

We believe that businesses flourish as a result of investing in their most important asset – their people. These people, in turn, help build great companies.

The Active8me solution provides several key services to consumers striving to improve their health and wellness. There are a great range of fitness routines, menus supporting different needs from diabetes prevention to general health, and mental health (support).

Dan Horan

Because employee wellness makes good business sense.

The health and wellness of your employees is not only important, but it makes good business sense when you consider the costs of absenteeism from sickness; productivity losses; the increasing competition for talent and the costs of retaining talent vs acquiring new talent and more.

Employers need to think of health and wellness care as an investment that is worth the upfront costs and time.

‘Employee wellness is very much
management’s business’

Harvard Business Review

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